Medical Disposables Products 
Elastic adhesive bandagesWooden tongue depressors
Tidy wipe rollsDisposable draw sheets
Powdered & powder free glovesHigh risk gloves
Paper towel dispenser stand stainless steel with/without tidy roll/garage roll
Mop/Medi capsNon woven shrouds
Micropore/Transpore TapeCrepe & Conforming bandages
Medicine measures Cotton wool roll & balls
Latex sterile glovesLatex non sterile gloves
Latex examination glovesLatex surgical gloves
Infusion/Admin sets Urine specimen jars
Disposable hypodermic needlesDisposable sterile syringes
Disposable face masks Sterile & non sterile Gauze swabs
Dental cartridge needlesLinen savers/First Aid Box and Refill kits
Clear plastic gloves Medicine packets & bottles
Bed pan coversDisposable plastic aprons

Medical & Hospital Equipment 
Soiled/clean linen trolleysGas cylinder trolleys
Emergency trolleysAnesthetic trolleys – single or double
Food trolleys – 2 & 3 tierDish clearing trolleys
General clearing trolley Dressing/instrument trolleys
Recovery/Patient/Mortuary trolleys Oxygen cylinder stands
Patient transporters Examination/Gynae couches
Obstetric Beds Bedside & single/double footstools
Drip stands/ BedscreensEconomy hospital beds/ mine beds
Standard hospital or juvenile beds Bassinets/ Steriliser tables
Bed safety sides/ bed elevators/bed blocksUtility Drug cabinets
Mobile Latrabouts/ Wheelchairs/ Bedpan and urinal stands
Toilet Aid frame/ Shower seatSingle/double bowl stands
Kick about bowl/bucket type Mobile Clinbin
Dressing wagon/ Operation stool Backrest/ X-Ray viewing boxes
Overbed tables/Mayo tableThomas Splints
Bedside Lockers/ Swab racks Instrument cabinets – single/double
Urine Bag Holders Shower/Bath seats
Old Age Home beds Nurses divan/ Pneumonia beds
Adult cot beds Children/Infant cot beds.

Catering Kitchen Smalls & Disposables
Assorted hand utensilsVarious serve ware
Assorted serving dishesStainless steel cutlery
Crockery/ glass ware Crockery/ glass ware
Assorted platters & bowlsWooden & Stainless steel spoons
Condiment sachets/ sauce bottlesCutlery trays/ cutting boards
Potato mashers/ can openers Measuring Jugs – s/steel & plastic
Salt & Pepper shakers Kitchen knives – light & heavy duty
Assorted serving tongsAssorted fry pans/omelette pans
Disposable food trays/containersServiettes – paper & cloth
Paper Cups & Plates Foil – light & heavy duty
Cling wrap – various size rollsPlastic packets – various sizes
Greaseproof packets for sandwiches etcJumbo wipe/hand towels
Catering caps – white Plastic aprons/gloves
Dishwashing Liquid/ Bleach Pine Disinfectant/Fabric softener
General household cleaner/oven cleanerWashing powder/Liquid hand soap
Paper towel dispenser stand stainless with/without tidy roll/garage roll & Liquid air freshner

Catering Equipment 
Bain maries and insertsFryers – electric & gas
Flat top griddlesSandwich press with flat/ribbed plate
Food/Tea trolleys – 2 & 3 tier Dish clearing trolleys
Food blenders/liquidizers Electric water urns – heated or unheated
Heat sealing machines Wrapping machines
Food warmers/chafing dishes Electric/hand scales
Stock Pots with lids Casseroles – various sizes
Dish washers Dish stacking trays & trolleys
Table Top mixersSoup Warmers
Bread toasters – 4 & 6 slice Fridge/freezers
Glass tumbler washers Plate warmers
Insulated food/beverage servers Foldable food trays
Juice extractors Stainless steel sinks – single & double bowl
Convection ovens Vegetable cutters
Electric dough mixers Bottle coolers/glass door fridge




It gives us great pleasure to inform you of our expansion, by introducing several new departments and products, in addition to our existing departments, which are as follows:

Hospital/Medical Department

Products supplied include general medical equipment such as hospital beds, medicine trolleys, wheelchairs, bedside lockers, frail care aids, etc.
This department also caters for a wide range of medical disposables such as latex gloves, syringes & needles, wound care dressings and bandages, first aid kits, surgical & dental instruments etc

Catering Division

Here we cater for the catering and hospitality industries at large. Products supplied include a wide range of catering equipment such as food trolleys, bain maries, cutlery, crockery, glassware, table linen including a variety of disposables like paper hand towels, serviettes, paper food packaging and disposable cutlery, detergents, cleaning equipment such as brushware ,hairnets, aprons (plastic & fabric), chef uniforms and hats, disposable overshoes, beard and watch covers, dry groceries etc

Cash & Carry

Cash & Carry
This is a convenient opportunity, available at leisure hours set in a safe lifestyle
market which caters for the domestic public market at large where a combination of many products are sold to customers from all industries. Having a credit/debit card facility, makes shopping a pleasure for buyers from large corporates, medical & dental professionals, home executives etc etc

Paper Sales

The product range in this division include toilet rolls, various size paper rolls,
multifold paper, garage wipes, medical and dental wipes, serviettes, tidy rolls, paper hand towels etc

Office Consumables

This division ensures office functionality by supplying a wide range of ink cartridges, toners, stationery such as photocopy paper, coloured board, writing material, whiteboards and markers, permanent markers etc

Dino Crafts

A need for an economical and cost effective way to make a floor surface look neat and durable, maintaining comfort has allowed the opening and introduction of this department. Products include interlocking rubber floor tiles to suit various industries such as hospitals, garages, escalators, entertainment areas, shops, offices, bakkies, trucks etc. We also carry a wide range of wooden crafts and gift ideas which can be personalized to meet your specific taste. The list is endless.

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