Foil & Cling Converters

Being a supplier of the Thinazonke brand of foil and clingwrap for the past 16 years, has resulted in a further expansion and the birth of our production department, an associate company called

Devakish Foil & Cling Converters.

Having our very own rewinding machine allows us to rewind foil and clingwrap to the customer’s specific requirements such as size, length, packaging etc

This company caters for the retail and domestic markets, by producing and supplying smaller size rolls used in the home environment, available in dispenser boxes, and various size refills for luggage and goods wrapping when travelling or moving premises etc.

We also supply jumbo rolls of foil and clingwrap for the smaller companies, who would like to rewind themselves but cannot buy directly from the mills in large quantities.

Supermarket retailers, salons, beauty clinics, restaurants etc are welcome to discuss their requirements with us, for any orders made to their specifications.

Order from us directly or call us for details of a retail store or distributor in your area, or for enquiries to become a distributor.

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