The jobless, the foodless, the homeless, the clotheless, the abandoned, the rejected, the many out there, just needing a touch from humanity, so they can live better lives!

Why are there so many? Who do they turn to? Why some and not others? How can I help? So many questions – so little answers!!!

Thus – the birth of “ THINAZONKE” – ALL OF US.

Yes, being a historical disadvantaged individual, I have spent endless hours trying to find answers. However due to the diverse backgrounds in our society, I have reached an understanding that we all are different and do not necessarily share the same feelings, values and goals in life

By changing the inner attitudes of our minds we can change the outer aspects of our lives!

Spiritual guidance, knowledge gained from previous work experience, school and tertiary qualifications, love and support from close family members, lessons learned from difficult experiences in life, all enabled a strengthening process in myself, which I plan to use as ammunition to create opportunities to the poverty stricken and disadvantaged individuals so that they can grow to become future role models.

Through the sales of our products and the constant support we receive from the government and private markets in the hospital and catering industries including hotels, holiday resorts, B&B’s, food chains, restaurants, take-aways, ice-cream outlets, fast food & chicken franchises, butcheries and any other organization with a need for our wide range of products, we endeavour to give back to the community, by way of creating employment, harmony and a sense of belonging, dignity and self-worth to those who need them.

As a torch is not diminished though it kindles a million candles, so will he not lose who gives to a good cause!

Our range of products include medical, catering and general equipment and related disposables, kitchen utensils, buffet ware, glassware, crockery, cutlery, disposable food packaging, first aid kits, various washroom products such as toilet roll/paper towel/soap dispensers, a wide range of paper products, detergents, chemicals etc

Knowing how it feel to be discriminated against, has thus driven me to pursue personal business interests, and being a female I aim to inspire and motivate as many women in our society as possible, thus creating and/or expanding the women driven business arena.


Think like a Woman of Action – Act like a Woman of Thought!!!

Presenting an enterprise with product satisfaction, price affordability, market acceptance and development, profitability with consistent growth, social responsibility, and most importantly customer satisfaction, is my primary objective.

To my present and future customers, I would like to say:

“You can be rest assured of satisfaction guaranteed, when providing you with my products and services, in the most appropriate, affordable, presentable, excellent, efficient and friendly manner possible. Your support is greatly appreciated.”

To the many poverty stricken people I would like to say:

“Be strong, believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible when we follow our inner guidance.”

Nobody ever mastered any skill except through intensive, persistent and intelligent practice!

To everyone I would like to say:

“Let us all put our hands together in creating an environment of love and harmony, feelings of self worth, and together let us build strong character in individuals, who will be tomorrow’s leaders.

It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has!

I strongly believe:

“It’s all of us, THINAZONKE, that makes our world a better place!!!”

Nothing is impossible to those who can, who will, and then does – this is the only law of success!

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